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We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming Feminist Convenings’ event on the ‘Feminist Solutions to Build a Caring Economy: Bringing Diverse Voices for a Just Recovery’ on and 9 December, 2021 at 08:00 am Central Africa Time/ 9:00 am Nairobi/Beirut; 11:30 am India/ 01:00 pm Bangkok/ 6:00 pm Fiji Time onwards. 

The pandemic has further highlighted that care work, undertaken mostly by women, continue to remain unrecognised and undervalued. The Convening will be a space for discussing on feminist economic recovery movement-building, different experiences from the perspective of care & recovery, broadening institutional responses to valuing of unpaid and underpaid care work, providing insights and collating information from the global south into an overall blueprint for a just and feminist future.

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