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The fourth and last MedUp! Coordination Meeting will represent an important event where all actors involved in the project will be together to discuss project achievements and learning after 4 years of implementation. Moreover, the event will also allow to share partners’ visions and steers in order to improve future potential new programs insisting on the topic of social entrepreneurship in the Region.

Day 1 (Med Up! Team)

Participants will focus on Med Up!’s achievements and learnings. The key facts of the project per each level of intervention (Micro – Meso – Macro) will be reviewed and discussed aiming at capitalizing on the experience acquired and reflect on successful ways to continue promoting social entrepreneurship ecosystems. The EU vision on social entrepreneurship in the MENA region will be shared with participants also to explain what are the future initiatives the EU is planning to develop in the MENA Region and that are aligned to what Med Up! has been doing since 2018.  Working groups focused on the recommendations emerging from the External Evaluation of MedUp! will be organized.

Day 2 (Study tour)

A study tour will be organized to get to know inspiring examples of social innovation projects within the city of Florence.

Day 3 (Open Event)

The objective of the public event it is to stimulate a larger reflection on the topic “financial inclusion of social entrepreneurship”. Leveraging on the results of the financial mappings conducted in the six targeted countries, the debate will focus on the most innovative financing mechanisms for social enterprises to get access to proper and tailored funding that is instrumental for their sustainable growth. Inspiring examples of innovative financing mechanisms from the MENA region and from Europe will be shared to stimulate a critical thinking on the topic and suggest potential ways forward.

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