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Alnnahda Women Association was established in 1925 in Palestine targeting the needs of the people with disabilities and learning difficulties, they are enrolling them in special courses and specific vocational training to support them in obtaining simple life skills for their own good. Among their activities, the association design simple educational toys for their children and for other organizations in Palestine using simple carpentry tools.

Through the MedUp! Project, we have provided them with a CNC router double head machine that helps to control the quality of their produced products, and creates an opportunity to generate extra income for the association by providing service to small carpentry shops. The people, who are going to work on this machine, are people with disability who have already graduated from the association rehabilitation programs.

As part of the technical support to the MedUp! social enterprises, last month we conducted a CNC coaching and training on the use of this innovative tool for the association staff member. The training has been conducted by a professional engineer who has a certified working experience with such machinery, in addition to the designing software that is used for such machines.

We are happy to support and encourage the use of innovative tools in order to increase quality and efficiency of our social enterprises!