MedUp! is an Oxfam Italys four-year programme started in March 2018 to promote social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Region: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). This programme is focused on three levels of intervention:

At Macro Level

It aims to promote policy and advocacy initiatives and public-private dialogue to improve regulatory and policy environments at country and cross-country levels.

At Meso level

It intends to support Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESOs) through capacity building programmes, strategic alliances with local and international financial institutions and exchange and networking events, to improve the quality, innovativeness and outreach of their services targeting local SEs.

At Micro level

It offers support to Social Enterprises through financial and technical support and dissemination of promising and successful social enterprises at national, regional and EU level.

Programme Management Unit

Cristian Bevacqua

Regional Project Coordinator

Marina Sarli

EU Program Lead

Dorotea Daniele

Senior Expert

Michela Della Porta

Grant Manager

Lorenzo Paoli

Monitoring & Evaluation Expert

Christian Vietz

International Program Manager

Laurens Coeveld

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Support Programs Advisor

Silvana Grispino

Economic Justice Advisor