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Micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and social enterprises (SEs) play a vital role in local-level economic development.

However, challenges to starting and maintaining a business include complicated and expensive legal and administrative requirements, lack of access to finance and effective support, and more recently issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The RISE project provided tailored employment-related capacity development and entrepreneurial programmes, promoted networks and dialogue among actors of the business ecosystem, supported entrepreneurial activity and built capacities of MSMEs to enable income generation and job creation.

This storybook wants to collect good practices and successful and inspiring stories from Social Enterprisess overcoming economic and health crisis in the 3 target countries: Tunisia, Morocco and Italy.

The objective of this publication?
To inspire youth to build better businesses for a better future, reflect on how to react to challenging and crisis period and create awareness for these stories of impact.

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