Finding durable solutions to environmental and social problems are linked to targeted investments and building capacities of young people to cope with shocks and increasing ability to influence ecosystems. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is the goal of all programmes.


Building resilience and reducing vulnerabilities and risks for young people require a resilient and capacity building approach. Affected people need additional capacity to deal with worsened situations. Innovation and introduction of new technology play supportive role.


Financing can support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector in increasing production and creating jobs. Innovative ways to finance entrepreneurs can provide women and youth opportunities to scale up start-ups and explore business ideas. Governments in the region are rapidly responding to the needs of entrepreneurs by adopting such financing options.


The environmental factors affect production and sustainable growth. Social enterprises must consider the risk of environmental degradation when investments are planned. The financing models should consider green jobs and climate friendly enterprises.


Addressing inequalities in labour markets are crucial to support participation of women in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and create self-employment opportunities. According to the ILO, women are more likely to work longer hours than men when both paid and unpaid work is considered. In addition to household care responsibilities, limited access to safe transportation is the greatest challenge for women to work. Creating an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs is vital for an inclusive and just economic development.