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Women and girls spend 12.5 billion hours on care work around the world. And they do it for free. See and hear women from all walks of life from the MENA region recounting how unequal distribution of care work has led to loss of opportunities for them and the society as a whole. Unpaid  Care  and  Domestic  Work (UCDW) is essential to families and communities and drives our economies. Women spend up to 10 hours a day on care work.  When care work falls on women, they lose opportunities to build a better, secure, future.


The  YPE project  has  increased  its  efforts  on  UCDW  and  its  consequences  for  women  empowerment.  Rapid Care Analysis has been conducted in all the countries the YPE is operating (Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco). This film has been realised to amplify women voices recounting the lost opportunities due to care work, discover the story of Manaal.

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